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our vision

Our vision is to live in a zero-waste World

Our values

  • Make management of food waste easy
  • Always aim for excellence
  • Maximise resource efficiency
  • Aim for zero-waste of resources
  • Always balance profit with people and planet

Our Commitment

Our Mission

Maximise resource efficiency and reduce all resource waste

Our team

Colin Higgs Co-founder of Greenkode

Colin is responsible for our
hardware and electrical development
and coding our data science solutions

• Hon Degree in Physics and Maths
• Worked at the National Physics Laboratory
Moved into the design industry and
published two international magazines sold in 23 countries

Art Director at Grey Advertising
Moved into film and TV post-production
• BAFTA and Emmy Nominated
MA in Computational Arts; Deep & Machine
Learning, Electronics, C++, Java, Javascript,Python. CNC, laser cutting, 3D printing
• MSc Entrepreneurship Falmouth University


Personal Blog

Sustainable Product Designer

Cristian builds our products using recycled materials and high-tech fabrication techniques

Hi, my name is Cristian Brandiburg and I  joined Greenkode in 2021 as a sustainable product designer.I am in charge of designing  the form factor of the devices and I will be manufacturing the prototypes in my workshop as well.

Prior to my collaboration with Greenkode, I have worked on many projects ranging from helping individuals with rapid prototyping services to helping a local company expand their portfolio into the 3D space with photorealistic renderings.

I am a third year student at Falmouth University, where I study sustainable product design. I currently live in Truro with my brother and I highly enjoy my time here . When I’m not keeping busy with digital design work, you can find me in the workshop tinkering with my machines or experimenting with new materials.

Over the course of my studies at Falmouth University I have gained invaluable insight into the world of design and rapid prototyping while having a comprehensive understanding of the sustainability of the products and manufacturing techniques.

My goal is to empower organisations and individuals in their pursuit for sustainable products and services.

Aimee Rigby
Media Producer

Aimee produces and researches our podcasts and initiates our marketing research with companies

Hi, I’m Aimee and I’m delighted to0 be working with Green Kode on their podcast, Zero Waste Kode.I have a background in podcasting and media, after completing my undergraduate degree in Journalism at Falmouth University (1st Hon).

I have worked on various podcasts with varying topics throughout my time at university and I am happy to be using my skills as a recent graduate. I will be studying a Master’s in Professional law in Birmingham this year, which I can’t wait to start!I am interested in the issue of zero-waste and plastic pollution, so I am excited to be learning more from a company who are so passionate about sustainability.

I try my best to re-use everything I can, but I know there is always more that we can do.I moved to Cornwall for university and plan to move back after my Master’s. The pace of living and scenery are very different to Birmingham- and I know which I prefer!

Our Advisors




•.  For over 13 years she held a series of senior roles in Kimberly Clark and she has dual expertise in both finance and customer marketing. Among her Kimberly Clark roles were Head Finance for EMEA Manufacturing and Supply Chain,

•.  More recently, Maria is working on a social entrepreneurship project and in parallel acts as a coach and board advisor to start-ups and SME



  • Awarded Food Campaigner of The Year 2013 and again in 2014, for my political campaign work in sustainable agriculture and fisheries.
  • His other current roles include UK    Ambassador for Venner the pan Europe charity tackling food poverty; trustee of Borough Market, and  trustee of the charity United St Saviours.



  •  My purpose is to ensure that my clients make the best strategic and tactical decisions based on reality – and not half thought ideas and group think
  • Peter is an expert on the structure and dynamics of the foodservice sector, and its supply chain, in the UK and across Europe