Helping To Reduce Waste

In The Hospitality 

And Food Sector

“I think what you are doing
is truly incredible and arguably
should be mandatory!
– Shane Holland,
Executive Chairman
of Slow Food


“real time data capture of food waste will improve our waste manage and intervene to lessen our food waste streams and save money.”
 – Lee Hallam, Director of Commercial Operations, FX Plus, July 2020.

The Oceans and the Plastic Waste Problem

8 million Tons of plastic are dumped into our Oceans every year

The Estimation of Restaurants Annual Food Waste Costs in in the United Kingdom

£766.3 MILLIONS-2016

The Average Cost of Avoidable Food Waste per Meal

For commercial food businesses the cost is £0.97 per meal

For every £1 invested in cutting Food Waste…

Restaurants/Hospitality can make a profit of £7

Food waste is not just a problem in America, but across the globe. About 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted globally each year and around 40% of that comes from restaurants.

Our Company Values

Working Towards a Circular Economy

Our company strives for behavioural changes in the commercial Food Sector that encourage the recycling of food scraps

A Little Of Our Story

Invested in Sustainability

All of our business ideas are invested in the idea of zero waste. Initially, we aim for behaviour changes of a companies waste practise and then we aim further for their recycling of their waste as well

Business Increase
New Accounts
The Difference

Experience true business performance increases

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We make it easier for commercial businesses to monitor their food waste daily and accurately

We monitor food waste frequently, quicker and cheaper than existing solutions

We are quicker to report

Our digital Waste management system is quick to make reports. Every hour we update the latest Waste reports.

We are Cost Effective

We make lean solutions that are not high in cost but high in value.

Convenient and ease of use

Our product is very easy to use and is very convenient. The reports can be accessed on the Web and on mobile phones